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Monday, August 31, 2015

Free Scope Box Synchronizer

From the Autodesk Exchange Apps website...

The application is able to import all or selected Scope Boxes from a linked Autodesk® Revit® project into your project, as well as checking if yours and the linked Scope Boxes are the same - if they are different you're able to Synchronize your Scope Boxes to match those in the linked project. Similar to the built-in Copy/Monitor functionality, but on Scope Boxes.

After importing or synchronizing you also have the possibility to reorder the Scope Boxes either automatically or with drag and drop.

The free Scope Box Synchronizer is brought to you by Omnia Revit.

There's more information available on the Autodesk Exchange Apps website.

Friday, August 28, 2015

In the Works with ArchVision

Aside from a couple updates, it's been awhile folks. I had a host of post-RTC NA articles planned. Suffice it to say that sometimes life gets in the way. I'll still get the content up over time though.

I also need to get caught up on the regular features here on Revit Add-ons: What's Hot in Revit Add-ons and What's New on Autodesk Exchange Apps. Not to mention Civil 3D Add-ons and AutoCAD Add-ons. Oi vey...

One of the things I've been meaning to post about is what ArchVision has been working on – it's some exciting stuff.

From ArchVision's blog...

On the RPC front we’ll soon have a new update for Entourage Workshop that includes Autodesk Cloud Rendering support, support for RPC Planting families, and a new option for making 2D RPC geometry face the camera in Revit.

[if you've seen it,] I’m sure you were as blown away as I was at Chaos Groups preview of VRay for Revit.  Our teams have been working together closely to make sure your RPCs flow through seamlessly.  They do!  Take a look at [this image].  Your RPCs in Revit have never looked better than when they’re rendered with VRay. 

If you haven’t stopped by the recently relaunched ArchVision Labs site you may have missed the news that we’ve been working on an RPC Plug-in for Sketchup!  Been a long time coming but it was worth the wait.  There are still a few things to get sorted out but we’ll be releasing this to existing customers for beta testing soon.  We’ve also begun working with 3rd party Sketchup rendering partners such as Podium and VRay to ensure smooth workflows.

It’s in the Details…
We’re working to expand our content offering beyond RPC.  First will be a collection of approximately 1,000 Revit Components.  The Component Warehouse will be the first “Channel” of non-RPC content available leveraging a new content platform we’ve been developing [AVAIL].  The components are easily browsed or searched.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Roundup – Autodesk Product Enhancements for Revit 2016 (Update 2)

Originally published on 7/9/2015.

Updated 7/17/2015 to include the 2016 version of the Lighting Analysis add-in.

Updated 8/26/2015 to include the 2016 versions of 360 Structural Analysis, A360 Collaboration for Revit, Batch Print, Central European Content Extension for MEP, DB Link, Energy Analysis, eTransmit, Model Review, Remote, Roombook Areabook Buildingbook, and Worksharing Monitor.

Probably like many of you, I've been patiently waiting for the Autodesk Revit subscription enhancements to drop under Product Enhancements on Autodesk Account. Being curious as to the seeming delay, I did a little digging today and learned that Revit Extensions for Revit 2016 has already been released, but, for some reason, under Product Updates rather than Product Enhancements.

It seems to me that there are now at least 3 places to check for Revit 2016 product enhancements authored by Autodesk:
  1. Autodesk Account » Product Updates
  2. Autodesk Account » Product Enhancements
  3. Autodesk Exchange Apps » Revit » Autodesk

I thought it might be useful to the readership to have a single reference resource for all the Revit 2016 enhancements offered by Autodesk, hence this post. I'll try to keep it updated as more information becomes available.

For ease of access to this and future posts like this, I've placed a hotlinked image in the right sidebar:

For the first time, for those looking for a specific app, I'm including add-ins that were available for the previous version that are not yet available for the current release. Known discontinued add-ins are shown with grey text.

I plan to use this format for the future annual releases of Revit too. I hope you find this approach helpful. Please drop me a line if you have feedback, or if you have info on missing or discontinued add-ins.

360 Structural Analysis
Explore more options and improve project results by extending design models from Revit to the cloud and analyzing them as part of the BIM process | Autodesk Account | Subscription Product Enhancement

A360 Collaboration v2 for Revit 2016
Autodesk® A360 Collaboration for Revit® is a Cloud Subscription service that works with Revit® software to connect building project teams with centralized access to BIM project data in the cloud. Teams stay connected in real time using the Communicator chat tool within models. Integrated with Autodesk A360, Collaboration for Revit enables the entire project teams to work on shared building information models | Autodesk Account | Product Update

Advance Steel 2016 Extension
Advance Steel 2016 Extension enables BIM data exchange between Autodesk® Revit® 2016 and Advance Steel 2016, through a complete set of functionalities like import, export or synchronize | Autodesk Exchange Apps | Free

AWWA Pump and Valve Content
The American Water Works Association (AWWA) Pump and Valve Content for Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® Revit® MEP software helps enable MEP designers, drafters, and engineers to create more accurate water and wastewater designs through access to additional components | Not yet available | Was a Subscription Product Enhancement

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Free Project Expo for Revit Available Via Autodesk Labs

From Scott Sheppard's It's Alive in the Lab blog...

Autodesk Labs has a few kinds of technology previews. Project Expo is a Confidential Technology Preview that was not listed on the Autodesk Labs home page but is now going public in search of more project applicants. Users request to join the project, and the team grants access based on a variety of factors such as geographic diversity, type of user, etc. Users participate under NDA and cannot share results publicly.

When you are trying to communicate your architectural designs to your clients, sometimes drawings and videos just aren't enough. Having the ability to explore your design and communicate your design intent in a compelling real-time environment can significantly help tell your story and convey your message to your stakeholders.

Project Expo leverages Autodesk’s powerful new game engine, Stingray, and puts it to use for professionals in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. Our cloud service makes the conversion from BIM to real-time automatic and simple as the click of a button. If you are a Revit user, and this is something you would like to try, you can request to join the project.

Request participation.

We'd love to hear from Architects, who want to fit immersive visualization into their design process, to find out how we can make this technology better. We plan to keep improving it for the duration of the Technology Preview. You can reach us at or in the discussion forums available to participants on the project.

There's more information available on the Project Expo website.

Architectural immersion is alive in the lab.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Free Rhythm Package for Dynamo, with Some Keen Updates from RTC NA

"The girl's got rhythm – Rock 'n Roll rhythm!" AC/DC

How 'bout your Revit model, does it have Rhythm?

One of the really interesting things about Dynamo is its open-source nature. An active community means frequent updates. And, since Package Manager, built by Peter Boyer, was introduced in version 0.6.0, custom packages have proliferated. I've posted about a couple before, Mantis Shrimp, for Grasshopper and Dynamo interoperability, and Rhynamo, for Rhino and Dynamo interoperability. The common thread between these two is Rhino and, when I posted about these packages, Rhino got clicks. Nowadays, it's Dynamo that gets the clicks.

Clockwork is another package I've posted about previously.

As of this writing, there are 591 packages from 131 authors available from the Dynamo Package Manager. A few I've been aware of and meaning to post about. I enjoy Luke Johnson's seemingly daily posts on "what's cooking in the Bakery" over on What Revit WantsLunchBox, and DynamoSAP are a couple others that I've read about, at least in passing, and DynaWorks, for Navisworks and Dynamo interoperability, is one that I've definitely been planning to post about.

One of the packages that was not on my radar until I saw a tweet while monitoring RTC NA post-goings-on is Rhythm by John Pierson of 60 Second Revit. In his own post-RTC NA post, John added a node to make Revit parameter getting and setting from Dynamo NOT case sensitive.

Graph for Case Insensitive

Damn but that's clever...