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Monday, July 27, 2015

Free Rhythm Package for Dynamo, with Some Keen Updates from RTC NA

"The girl's got rhythm – Rock 'n Roll rhythm!" AC/DC

How 'bout your Revit model, does it have Rhythm?

One of the really interesting things about Dynamo is its open-source nature. An active community means frequent updates. And, since Package Manager, built by Peter Boyer, was introduced in version 0.6.0, custom packages have proliferated. I've posted about a couple before, Mantis Shrimp, for Grasshopper and Dynamo interoperability, and Rhynamo, for Rhino and Dynamo interoperability. The common thread between these two is Rhino and, when I posted about these packages, Rhino got clicks. Nowadays, it's Dynamo that gets the clicks.

Clockwork is another package I've posted about previously.

As of this writing, there are 591 packages from 131 authors available from the Dynamo Package Manager. A few I've been aware of and meaning to post about. I enjoy Luke Johnson's seemingly daily posts on "what's cooking in the Bakery" over on What Revit WantsLunchBox, and DynamoSAP are a couple others that I've read about, at least in passing, and DynaWorks, for Navisworks and Dynamo interoperability, is one that I've definitely been planning to post about.

One of the packages that was not on my radar until I saw a tweet while monitoring RTC NA post-goings-on is Rhythm by John Pierson of 60 Second Revit. In his own post-RTC NA post, John added a node to make Revit parameter getting and setting from Dynamo NOT case sensitive.

Graph for Case Insensitive

Damn but that's clever...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Teaser: CTC Adds BIM Batch Suite and Mechanical Productivity Pack (Updated)

Today Oliver Turan teased "a few new tools" and a Mechanical Productivity Pack. From the photo, it looks like a new BIM Batch Suite has joined CTC's BIM Manager Suite and BIM Project Suite. We'll get you the details as they become available.

Update 7/24/2015: Looking closer at the image, it looks like the BIM Batch Suite contains the following tools:
  • Batch Exporter/Plotter
  • Batch Family Loader (Free)
  • Batch Upgrader

And, behind Oliver, is one of the new tools (Net)work Configurator?

Coming Soon: Online Analytics Portal for Unifi

Steve Germano recently teased a new online analytics portal for Unifi. We'll get you the details as they become available.

Unifi Gets Revit 2016 Compatibility with Release 1.6

From the Unifi website...

We are very happy to announce the release of Unifi v1.6. Highlighted in this release is the compatibility for Autodesk Revit 2016! A 2016 version of all your content is now readily available in the Unifi cloud. If your teams are inserting content into a Revit 2016 project, Unifi will automatically download and insert the 2016 version of that content.

There's more information available on the Unifi website.

CTC BIM Suites 16.0.1 Released

Just in time for RTC NA 2015, the CAD Technology Center has released new versions of their popular BIM suites. 

From the CTC website...

BIM Manager Suite 2016 Updates: 

New Feature: Batch Family Loader can now reload only the selected or all families in the currently open project or family.

New Feature: Import and Link Manager now allows saving a report to a spreadsheet file

New Feature: Import and Link Manager now breaks down the imports and links into separate lists by these filters:  All, All Links, All Imports, Revit Links and CAD Links.

BIM Project Suite 2016 Updates:

New Feature: Model compare allows filtering snapshots to include only selected types of information, which can dramatically speed up the process of taking a snapshot and can simplify the resulting report.

Enhancement: Model Compare’s engine for comparing two snapshots runs amazingly faster (about 10x faster).

New Feature: View Creator can now create and/or update sheets.

New Feature:  Schedule XL allows including only the Print Area on each sheet to be placed in the schedule view.  If no Print Area is defined, the entire sheet is used.

New Feature:  Schedule XL allows specifying whether or not Auto Update should be on when adding new worksheets to the project.